What is your Favorite Social Media Management Tool?

Buffer or HootsuiteA business client of ours asked us this recently because he was managing several accounts for his agency. It was driving him nuts trying to keep everything in order.

There are hundreds of different social media management tools that you can use to schedule posts, manage multiple account, or to clip and post interesting articles for your followers. The two tools that we use and highly recommend are Hootsuite and Buffer.

Hootsuite is still a favorite of ours and remains the most comprehensive tool for social media management. We like it because we could manage multiple Twitter accounts and it has a really clear tabbed view layout. For instance, when using it to manage your Twitter account, it displays your activity in separate columns for your Home Feed, Direct Messages, Mentions, and Sent Tweets. In addition, you can set these streams to auto-refresh in intervals from two to 30 minutes, or select manual refreshes. Combine it with Google Analytics, and you can directly connect your social interactions with actions taken on your website. Actually, before you choose any online tool, always check that you can feed into Google Analytics!

But we also like to use Buffer for its simplicity and its ease of use. We have also found that it’s easy to customize and best of all it integrates well with just about everything, including Twitter, Chrome, Safari, and even Google Reader.

But as we stressed here on Ask the Writers, social media is about being “social” first. If all you do is post ads, announcements and promotional posts, and you are not interacting with your connections, then you’re just wasting space and time. There is a time to use Hootsuite and Buffer. They’re both great in allowing you to schedule posts and retweets, but take the time to interact and engage with your followers. Social media is like going to a networking event or a party. Are you going to mingle and interact with other people or are you just going to sit in the corner and do nothing?



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