Bust It Up! 5 Lessons for Entrepreneurs

By Randy Gage

For entrepreneurs and success seekers, sometimes the best way to build something is to break it.

Yes, entrepreneurs must think things through and have a plan, but at some point the planning, analysis, and feasibility studies are no longer useful and it’s time to get off your ass, jump into action and go for it.

Here are some lessons for entrepreneurs everywhere:

1. Action Beats Perfection: “A well-thought-out plan executed today is better than the perfect plan executed whenever the hell it’s going to be perfected. (Which is usually never.)”

2. Boring Kills: “A book, video, sales letter, brochure, opera, story, song, dance or any creative work can never be too long – it can only be too boring.”

3. Say What You Want: “When you want someone to do something, don’t speak in codes. Whether you’re talking with your kids, raising money for a charity, crafting a marketing message, or making a keynote to inspire an audience – tell them what you want them to do. They’re big kids and they can decide if they agree with you or not, and if they want to take that action – but only if they know what the message is.”

4. Be Bold: “The best promoter of you, your product, service, or cause is you. You know it best and no one is going to make a more passionate case than you. If you believe in something, stand up for it.”

5. Take Risks: “Sometimes you have to break things. Shake it up. Bust it up. ‘Cause that’s where the breakthroughs live.”

About Randy Gage: Gage is the author of eight books on success including Prosperity Mind and Accept Your Abundance that have been translated into more than 25 languages and sold millions of copies worldwide. His new book, Risky Is the New Safe, due out Oct. 30, has been called “a manifesto of individual and global magnificence.” Connect with Randy at http://www.RandyGage.com and on Prosperity TV: http://www.youtube.com/randygage..



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