5 Elements of a Successful Blog Post

Photo by by Kristina B.

Photo by by Kristina B.

If you maintain a blog or thinking of starting one for your organization, there are five main characteristics that each of your blog posts should contain if you want to get your point across and generate some attention. We’ll explore each of these elements below.

Get attention  

If your posts do not draw the eye of your readers, they will most likely ignore it and your message could be lost forever. The online space is crowded—your audience is inundated with hundreds of emails clogging their inbox; their RSS feeds could run the entire length of their laptop screen; and they may have dozens of web browser tabs open.

One way to get attention with your blog posts are generating attention-grabbing headlines (which we discussed in Issue 2 of Western Pennsylvania Healthcare News). A good headline will stop readers in their tracks and compel them to read further.

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