What’s the best way to respond to a HARO query?

Photo by Roberto Rizzato

Last week, I posted a query on HARO (Help A Reporter Out), an invaluable service that connects writers like myself with sources for articles. I was looking for future story ideas for a new green building publication I was writing for.

I was deluged with replies. 86 and counting. Another response from another PR manager popped in my inbox yesterday. Normally, I would receive about 5-10 solid leads. But everyone from PR firms to construction executives to authors responded this time around. In fact, I’m still culling through my list. There were some solid leads in there, as well as the bad and even downright ugly.

If you want to win me or another journalist over and convince us to interview you or your client for an article, just follow these simple tips and you can’t go wrong.

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