Tea or Coffee: Which is the Healthier Choice?

coffee-vs-teaBy Rebecca Willingham for Tylers Coffees

Tea or coffee, what would you prefer? This is not a metaphorical question that is asked socially. It could actually affect your health. We all know about the health benefits of tea. Wether it is black or green, each has its own set of benefits for the body. But coffee is not included in the list of healthy beverages

Caffeines and acids presence in coffee is actually the reason for this exclusion from the healthy list. Caffeine is a stimulant in mild proportions but when taken excessively, there are many side effects. The acid forms on the coffee during the roasting process, the amount of acid in coffee depends on how the company roasts as well as the beans quality.

Let us examine this myth about tea being healthier than coffee to see if it is true. Then we will be able to decide which is the healthier.

Both tea and coffee have antioxidants. However, these antioxidants are of different types. Tea contains flavinoids that are basically photo-chemicals. Coffee on the other hand contains quinines and chlorogenic acid. They serve almost the same purpose of getting rid of free radicals from the body.

Both tea and coffee fight cancer. Tea drinkers have better protection against ovarian and breast cancer. Coffee drinkers have higher immunity against liver cancer.

Some coffee and all tea is good for your stomach. When it comes to your stomach, tea has always been the leading healthier option. But thanks to technology, recently some low acid and even an acid free coffee have been invented.

Thus, there is no doubt that tea is healthier except for with Acid Free coffee. It is completely different than normal coffee. Instead of having the many negative side effects acid free coffee is actually completely healthy for the body just as tea.

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